Guiding Principles





NEON will facilitate the delivery of efficient and effective Population Health eHealth services by partnering with health care agencies.

NEON services will increase adoption of and leverage the NEON healthcare information system to improve communications and support patient-centred transition in care.

NEON will work across the care continuum with other health service providers to build upon other healthcare information system assets.


Guiding Principles

NEON is guided by the following principles:

  • That an integrated information system will enable it to fulfill its vision sooner and at less cost than a best of breed approach.

  • That “partnership of equals” is the accepted NEON governance model with all health system stakeholders.

  • That multi-disciplinary representation is essential to the success of NEON.

  • That a standardized paperless EHR is essential to support the regional needs and resource efficiencies.


  • To provide and expand the information technology infrastructure in order to meet the regional needs of the patients and the health system stakeholders of Northeastern Ontario

  • To align our strategies with regional, provincial and national eHealth blueprints

  • To secure the necessary capital and operational funding to enable NEON to fulfill and sustain its Vision


  • Define an EHR architecture that supports: one patient = one record

  • Optimize our corporate and governance structure, as needed to support all Health system stakeholders

  • Maximize the effectiveness of a single Regional Meditech system, and evaluate best of breed vendors as required

  • Increase stakeholder involvement in building an Advanced Clinical System (ACS) based on the vision of an EMR

  • Develop a comprehensive capital and operating budget in order to optimize funding opportunities

  • Work collaboratively with regional and provincial health system stakeholders who are involved or can positively impact Northeastern Ontario patients

  • Promote and communicate our Vision, Goals and Achievements to health service stakeholders, politicians and bureaucrats

  • Manage regional resources and leadership that provides optimum support to NEON’s operational requirements

The Benefits of NEON

  • Creates an integrated EMR for Northeastern Ontario patients

  • Provides real time clinical and financial information available when & where it is needed

  • Attracts funding based on “partnership of equals”

  • Supports regional ICT projects and initiatives

  • Provides a cost effective solution due to it’s integrated and standardized approach

  • Secures Northeastern Ontario resources and made in the North Solution

  • Improves collective purchases and cost sharing opportunities

  • Creates critical mass necessary to attract & retain qualified technical, professional and clinical resources

  • Provides a regional human resource support infrastructure

  • Creates a model for the rest of the Province